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dangerkids' music video for 'Kill Everything' from the album, blacklist_ - available now on Paid Vacation Records. Download the album at http://flyt.it/blacklist

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Directed & Edited by Chris Acosta
Cinematography by Mario Contini
Colored by Brian Krijgsman

Do you have what it takes to best me?
Don’t second guess me.
I got the cheat sheet so you don’t wanna test me.
Dedicate this song to anybody that doubts me,
I take it and I’m wearing it proudly.
So tell me who’s next,
cause deep in my chest
something awoke that they should’ve let rest.
So this is a call to open your eyes.
You think they’re feeding you dreams
when they’re feeding you lies.
And it goes like three, two, one...

Wake the dead.
Tell me I won’t kill everything
and start again.
Just give me death,
please give me something.
I can’t believe that I believed in you.

You can only keep me down for so long.
Fuel my fire, give me something to go on.
Thinking you can stop me?
Mother fucker you’re so wrong.
I’m taking it back,
so tell me what you think about that.
I’m gonna burn it all to ashes,
another name to add to the Blacklist.
This is a call, we open our eyes,
free from our dreams,
now we’re living our lives.
Here we go like three, two, one...

Nobody’s taller than the last man standing.

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